iPhone XS/XS Max Won’t Turn on! Here is Real Fix

Apple’s products are futuristic and unveil ultra, powerful, and edge-cutting models. And so was the unleashing of the iPhone XS/XS Max, cheerfully embraced by people all across the globe. Now that the models are readily available in the market, people have begun possessing them. But, lately, fans of iOS have complained that their iPhone XS won’t turn on. This issue has caused sheer disturbance amongst users and led them to the loop of worrying! But, one needn’t fret anymore as we’ve come up with some handy solutions to revive your iOS device in no time. Now, without delving into any further details, use the solutions for your iPhone XS Max that won’t turn on!

Part 1. Factors That Won’t Let Your iPhone XS/XS Max Turn On

Several factors could contribute to an iPhone XS/XS Max not turning on. Here are some common reasons:

  • Battery Issues: A depleted or faulty battery can prevent the iPhone from powering on. If the battery is completely drained or damaged, the device may not respond even when connected to a power source.
  • Software Glitches: Software-related issues, such as a frozen operating system or corrupted firmware, can hinder the normal startup process. Performing a force restart or using recovery/DFU mode may help address these glitches.
  • Physical Damage: Physical damage, such as water exposure or impact, can disrupt the internal components of the iPhone, leading to power-related issues. Inspect your device for any signs of physical damage.
  • Faulty Hardware: Components like the power button, volume buttons, or other internal hardware may fail, preventing the iPhone from turning on. Professional diagnosis may be required to identify and replace faulty hardware.
  • Charging Issues: Using a non-certified charger or cable or problems with the charging port can result in insufficient power reaching the battery. Ensure you are using genuine Apple accessories and check for any charging-related issues.

charging issue

  • Software Updates: Occasionally, issues can arise during or after a software update. Incompatibility or glitches in the new software may cause the device to malfunction. Performing a restore or update in recovery mode might help.
  • Unknown Software Bugs: Unidentified software bugs or conflicts may cause the device to become unresponsive. Apple often releases software updates to address such issues, so keeping your iPhone’s software up to date is advisable.
  • Overheating: Extreme temperatures or prolonged exposure to heat can affect the iPhone’s internal components, leading to overheating issues that may prevent the device from turning on.
  • Security Features: Certain security features, like Face ID or Touch ID, may cause the device to remain unresponsive if there are authentication issues. Resetting these features or using an alternative unlocking method might help.

Understanding the potential reasons behind the problem can guide users in troubleshooting and finding a suitable solution based on the specific issue affecting their iPhone XS or XS Max.

Part 2. Fix iPhone XS/XS Max Won’t Turn on

Solution 1: iPhone XS/XS Max may require charging

You have unboxed the iPhone XS/XS Max only to see the device doesn’t seem to work an inch. Well, we know it’s very heart-wrenching if your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max do not turn on. However, there is a possibility that your iPhone may not have been charged from the source. For that, you can charge an iPhone XS/XS Mac with the trusted Apple adapter for some time. Once your iPhone is charged up to 50%, your iPhone XS may turn on.

Solution 2: Force iPhone XS/XS Max to Turn on

If the charging hack fails to give you a satisfactory response, your iPhone XS Max won’t turn on. Force restart may seem to help you out. This method may prove to be vital in bringing your iPhone XS/XS Max to its working state. The detailed guide mentioned below will enlighten you on how.

Step 1: Get hold of your iPhone and make use of the keys. Simply hold and release the ‘Volume Up’ button and perform the same with the ‘Volume Down’ button quickly.

Step 2: After doing that, try pressing down the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button for about 5-8 seconds.

Step 3: Now, finally, you can release your fingers from the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button until the Apple logo is not visible on your screen. This way, your iPhone may prove to be responsive.

turn on iphone

Solution 3: DFU Restore iPhone with iTunes

One of the other valuable alternatives to reviving the state of your iPhone is via DFU mode. This can be executed by using the iTunes service. Without touching the operating system or bootloader, your iPhone can establish a firm connection with iTunes in a hassle-free manner. Here is how DFU can prove to be fruitful in restoring your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max that fail to turn on easily.

Step 1: Simply grab your iPhone XS Max and draw a connection to your phone with the working computer via a genuine lightning cable. Now, load iTunes on the PC you are working with.

Step 2: After that, ensure to press the ‘Volume Up’ button visible on your iPhone.

Step 3: Repeat the same process with the ‘Volume Down’ button too.

Step 4: Tap and hold the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button until your iPhone screen is not turned into a black screen.

Step 5: Lastly, hold the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Sleep/Wake’ buttons together for approximately 5-10 seconds. Then, release your fingers from the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button but continue pressing the ‘Volume Down’ button for another couple of seconds.

Step 6: iTunes will now detect your device. You need to click ‘OK’ followed by ‘Restore iPhone’.

Solution 4: Check for Physical or Liquid Damage

In case the aforementioned solutions disappoint you, there is a possibility that the concern of your iPhone is beyond the realm of software and technical issues. While unboxing the iPhone XS/XSMAX, you may have spilled some droplets of any beverage or drink that might have incurred internal physical damage to your iPhone. Also, this may have gone directly proportional to damaging your iPhone’s screen completely. Keep a check on your device to ensure nothing of that sort happened on your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max that is not turning on easily.

Solution 5: Contact Apple for Help

Apple’s customer service spot is a one-stop destination if your iPhone does not power on even when there are no visible signs of damage or technical issues or it does not revive by the methods covered so far. You can open up your query to ensure why your iPhone XS won’t turn on despite employing a handful of methods. You must immediately rush to the nearest Apple store, explain your situation, and get assistance for the same. They would perform a full-fledged examination and verify the root cause of your iPhone that does not turn on.


Experiencing an iPhone XS or XS Max that won’t turn on can be distressing, but with these troubleshooting steps, you have a good chance of resolving the issue. Remember to be patient and methodical in your approach. If the problem persists, seeking assistance from Apple’s support services or authorized service providers is the next logical step. Do let us know which method suitably aided you in restoring your iPhone. Simply write to us in the comment section below.


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