The by-product of technology – Android phones have been booming since unleashed. Majority of people   of all walks of life, are glued with their Android smartphones. With its ease and fun access to millions of apps, it’s the best thing one can get. But, what if it stuck to a different chord and end up displaying Android blue screen of death all of a sudden?  Distressing, isn’t it? Well, the Android screen of death is mostly encountered when you press power on button but your device fails to boot up and ends up stuck at plain blue screen.

We understand how difficult it can go down to your side and cause discomfort to you. So in order to fix Android blue screen problem, we’ve enlisted an array of quick-fixes to resolve the issue completely. Go on and unveil them now!

Part 1. Remove battery

If you are fed up of encountering Android blue screen of death quite often then resolve this stubborn issue by trying your hand in removing the battery.

Note: Only if your phone has a removable battery, only then can you uncover the battery with ease.

Just follow down the steps below.

  1. To begin with, grab your Android device and turn it around and carefully take off your back cover.
  2. From the slot, slide away the battery easily. If any speck of dust is spotted, clean it with a soft cloth.
  3. Now, allow your phone to refresh by leaving your phone for 5-10 minutes.
  4. After that, place the battery into the phone again followed by putting the back cover.
  5. Lastly, resort to restart your phone to check your phone screen has no visible sign of Android screen of death.


Part 2. Force Restart on your Android

The ultimate way of solving any issue is by forcing a restart on your Android phone. This results in complete halt on the background application, stuck issues and revamp the issue of Android screen of death effortlessly.  For relatively all the Android phones, simply perform the steps mentioned right below:

  • Grab your Android phone and hold down the ‘Volume Down and ‘power button’ until the device prompts to FastBoot mode in a quick pace.
  • Release your fingers from the buttons and but continue pressing the ‘Power’ button to direct your phone back to normal mode.


Part 3. Remove SIM/SD card and re-insert it

The SD card may pose to be a problem in rare phenomena and gives rise to the problem. This can be one of the reasons why your Android blue screen of death arises. So, to fix it from happening, you can re-launch the SIM/ SD card.

Depending upon the models, use the steps wisely.

For older versions:

  1. Remove your back cover and slide off the battery.
  2. You will see the ‘SIM’ and ‘SD card’ slot, carefully take it off.
  3. Hold down for a while and then re-insert it.


For latest versions:

  1. Pin up your SIM Tray from the side panel of your Android phone.
  2. Easily remove the SD card and SIM respectively.
  3. Leave it on for some time and then place it back again!


See, if this method works out for you or else proceed with the next solution.


Part 4. Fix Android Screen of Death by Using Factory Reset

One of the last resort methods is factory resetting your device. With factory reset, your phone will go on a complete factory mode. Not only will it remove  the problem of Android blue screen of death but all the contents, settings, accounts etc. from your phone.

Note: It is extremely mandatory to maintain the backup of your Android phone if you don’t want to lose any data. And, restore the contents afterwards.

Now make use of the following steps mentioned below for entering Android phone via recovery mode to accomplish the process of factory reset.

  1. First and foremost, boot your Android phone to recovery mode by holding down the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Power’ buttons together and you will be entered in the Recovery mode.
    Note: The steps may vary for different devices. Makes sure to check the steps for your deivce before you proceed.
  2.  After that, choose the ‘Wipe Data/Factory reset’ option enlisting from the lists of options by using Volume Down/Up button.
  3. On reaching the option using Volume button, press the Power button and patiently wait for the resetting process to finish.
  4. Last method is of choosing reboot system for restarting your Android phone.

Part 5. Update OS

To resolve the persistent problem, of Android screen of death, you can consider updating your operating system. Here is how you can perform this method.

  1. Open your Android phone and go to ‘Setting’, from there, tap on ‘About Phone/Tablet’ enlisted in the options.
  2. Although, device to device varies the options, simply opt for ‘Software Update’ or any option similar to it.



To conclude, we’ve covered 5 ways of fixing Android blue screen problem. If one method falls down to save your phone, you can opt for the other and fetch your phone back in the normal working condition.  For more suggestions or queries, comment below!

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