iPhone X stuck on FaceTime ending? 8 tips offered

FaceTime is one of the best pastimes for people who love to be tuned to their loved ones. But that may be all the way wrong if your hepped-up FaceTime session gets stuck on the ending. The worst is your FaceTime ending stuck on your iPhone X does not revive any longer. But don’t lose your heart. We’ve collated some useful tips that can eradicate the problem at its root.

Part 1. 8 Solutions to Fix the iPhone Stuck on Facetime Issue

The iPhone X is a powerful and sophisticated device, but like any technology, it can encounter issues. One common problem faced by users is the iPhone X getting stuck on the FaceTime ending screen. This can be frustrating, but there are several tips you can try to resolve the issue.

Solution 1. Turn off iPhone X from Settings

It is terrific to witness your iPhone X getting stuck on FaceTime ending. And, to sort things out, you switch your iPhone off for a while. But, more is needed to prove to be fruitful on your FaceTime. So, to make things work out, turning your iPhone X by Settings may revive your Facetime. To do so, perform the following steps.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘General’ from the available options.
  2. Now, scroll down for the ‘Shut Down’ option. Simply opt for it, and your iPhone will be rebooted in no time.

Now, place a call in FaceTime to check if this method helped out in any way. If it didn’t, upcoming solutions shall!


Solution 2. Reactivate FaceTime

The above method is a tried and tested method which may or may only sometimes assist you in dire need. But, this method may put a full stop on your iPhone X stuck over the FaceTime call ending. All you are required to do is forget the app! I’m kidding; just deactivate the application for a while and launch it afresh. Here is how:

  1. Grab your iPhone, head off to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Message’ from the options.
  2. Under the ‘Message’ section, tap on ‘Send &Receive’ followed by selecting your Apple ID and signing out.
  3. Now, switch off FaceTime and iMessage service. Patiently wait, and then enable them by signing in with your Apple ID. This will force the reactivation of the apps.

Hopefully, this helps out! If not, move on to the next solution.


Solution 3. Toggle FaceTime Off and On

The FaceTime ending stuck on the iPhone X issue is not fatal in nature. To fix it, disabling and enabling the application may help out. Simply visit ‘Settings’ from your device and click on the ‘FaceTime’ option. You will see the green colored switch, which you can turn off. Wait for some time, and then slide it back now. Then, use FaceTime to check whether the iPhone X is still stuck on FaceTime call ending.

Solution 4. Force Restart iPhone X

FaceTime not closing on iPhone X? Try your hand at restarting your iPhone. This way, refresh your FaceTime. Perform the following steps now.

  • Firmly hold down the ‘Volume Up’ button and release it quickly.
  • Repeat the same process with the ‘Volume Down’ button.
  • Finally, hold the ‘Power’ button until the Apple logo does not glow on the screen.

Solution 5. Reinstall the FaceTime App

If none of the aforementioned methods helps out iPhone X stuck on call ending, then you may have to reinstall the FaceTime application on your device. To do so, simply tap on the ‘FaceTime’ icon visible on the home screen. Slide the FaceTime icon to a cross on the left corner of the screen. Just tap on the cross icon and delete the application from your iPhone. Wait for some time and then reinstall the app from the Application store.

Solution 6. Reset All Settings

The above methods can turn out to be futile, but this one may aptly work on your iPhone to resolve the FaceTime ending stuck on iPhone X issue. Just go to ‘Settings’ from your iPhone and visit ‘General’ followed by the Reset option. From this, go to ‘Reset All Settings’. You would be required to enter the passcode and ensure you give permission. However, this may also result in complete data loss but fade away the problem of your iPhone X getting stuck on FaceTime ending.


Solution 7. Reset Network Settings

Facetime doesn’t close on iPhone X? There might be a network issue. Thus, you can try your luck at resetting network settings. But you can be assured of incurring no data loss, as it will only remove your network settings like Wi-Fi passwords, etc. Just head on ‘Settings’ and switch to ‘General’>’ Reset’>’ Reset Network Settings’ and type in your passcode by confirming resetting.


Solution 8. Restore iPhone using iTunes

Lastly, consider restoring your iPhone using iTunes to completely vanish the problem of FaceTime ending up stuck on your iPhone X. Besides, eradicating the root cause may brush away all the contents available on your device. Just follow the ladder of steps below:

  • Load iTunes and establish a connection to your iPhone X with the PC.
  • Now, proceed with the device icon and select ‘Summary.’
  • Most importantly, click on ‘Restore iPhone’ and consent to the restoring process from the upcoming pop-up.


Part 2. FAQs

1. Does resetting FaceTime settings affect my other device configurations?

No, resetting FaceTimesettings specifically targets the FaceTime app and its configurations. It won’t impact other settings or data on your iPhone X. It’s a safe step to refresh FaceTime and troubleshoot issues. If you’re concerned, you can back up your device before attempting this step to ensure your data is secure.

2. Should I be concerned if the problem persists after trying the suggested tips?

If the issue persists after trying these troubleshooting tips, it’s advisable to contact Apple Support for further assistance. There might be an underlying issue that requires more in-depth analysis or a specific solution provided by Apple’s support team. They can guide you through additional steps or recommend the best course of action based on your specific situation.

3. Why is my iPhone X stuck on FaceTime ending?

There can be various reasons for this issue, ranging from a temporary glitch in the FaceTime app to connectivity issues or outdated software. Following the troubleshooting tips mentioned in the article, such as force restarting your device or checking your internet connection, can help identify and resolve it.


Dealing with an iPhone X stuck on FaceTime ending can be frustrating, but these troubleshooting tips can often help resolve the issue. Start with simple solutions like force restarting and checking your internet connection, and if the problem persists, consider more in-depth steps like resetting FaceTime settings or contacting Apple Support for assistance. We hope the methods offered in this article ward away the problem of your iPhone X getting stuck on FaceTime calls. Do let us know which one you found the most useful.


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