iPhone 11: Rumors, Features (New Taptic Engine & A13 Chip), Price, Release Date

Just like Christmas, every year’s fall is celebrated for Apple’s unleashing their latest models. Since we’re inching toward the end of 2019, the new iPhone XI may carve out a much more powerful set of features. People are already going gaga for this year’s Apple’s Annual Fest, as it will now launch an all-new iPhone and corresponding models. However, the new iPhone 11 features leaked online, which accounts that the new iPhone might be modelled with an A13 processor and a triple rear camera setup at the back. But, that we can only uncover once Apple releases its flagship.

iPhone 11 Release Date

There are rounds going about the new iPhone 11 2019 release date. A lot of speculations have been done and made. However, Apple might unveil its flagship along with the Apple Watch Series 5 at an event in September. As per its standard routine, the latest phone will sky-rocket its sales within two weeks after the new iPhone releases in 2019. This will directly lay down the avenue for pre-orders from the first Friday falling after the unearthing of iPhone.


iPhone 11 Price

While iPhone 11 rumors account for exorbitantly pocket drilling prices. But, the reality is there has been no announcement being made for the official price tag of the upcoming iPhone. As far as we can conclude, the price bar will be touching similar to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.  So, one can expect the new iPhone 11 price might start at $999. Higher storage and larger screens might continue to follow at 64G till the 512 GB space. If Apple wishes to start with the budget-friendly iPhone this year, then it can touch somewhere between $700- $800.

iPhone 11 Features

Curiosity amongst the users has sparked down sheer seeking of its features. There are numerous iPhone XI leaks and rumors that cannot do justice to the original model’s specifications. The latest phone might have a selfie camera that will record for slow-mo recording at 120 fps. In the WWDC 2019, Apple might unleash two new iPhone models of 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch OLED displays. It is expected that the new iPhone is packed with the A13 Chip processors for enhanced levels of performance and greater working. There are slight chances of a three-camera module that might be preserved for the most expensive of all the new iPhone models.


In a nutshell

Now that we know that Apple is going to unleash an all-new iPhone in 2019. Bigger, better hopes have been musing around its users. However, we are not sure when the new iPhone XI will have its release date. However, we glanced at the phone from a good surface distance. It is better you don’t blindly trust iPhone 11 rumors or leaks. Let the event brief the new iPhone XI features, design, and price. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you posted with all the contemporary details about the all-new iPhone XI!

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