Which is that one thing clung dearly to? The snaps, selfies tossed with oh-so-wow snap filters! And stashing them solely in your iPhone may not be enough. And, you look up to iCloud to maintain the backup of all your stories, photos! But, what if later it will stop working all of sudden and you can’t download your iCloud photos anymore? Well, be brave if you are in such situation and march forward with 11 ways for resolving iCloud photos not downloading.

Part 1. How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Downloading to iPhone/iPad?

iCloud photos not downloading in your iPhone/iPad? Here are the quick fixes for the problem. Do follow the steps wisely.

1.1 Reset Network Settings

It is no hidden fact that iCloud needs a highly stable internet. And the network might be troubling you in downloading iCloud photos?  So resetting network settings may help you out.

  1.  Surf for ‘Settings’ from your iPhone/iPad. Search for ‘General’ and select it.
  2. Now, go to ‘Reset’ and click on ‘Reset Network Settings’ followed by entering your security code. Confirm the actions in the last.


1.2 Sign out and Sign in Back to iCloud

You can re-try signing in to your iCloud account, if you can’t download iCloud photos any longer. Simply use the following method –

  • Head towards ‘Settings’ and click on your name. The IDs running under your name will appear, click on ‘Sign out’> ‘Sign out of iCloud’> ensure to type-in you iCloud credentials> click on ‘Turn off’.


  • Choose the data you want to keep backup on your iPhone > ‘Sign Out’ > ‘Sign Out’ to confirm.sign-out-icloud-in-iphone-when-photos-not-downloading

Sign in to iCloud –

  • Just go to ‘Settings’ and opt for [your name]. From there, click on ‘Sign in’> type in passcode.


1.3 Check Your iCloud Storage

You might have exhausted the ideal limit of your iCloud storage. To cross verify, use the following method.

  1. Launch ‘Settings’ and choose [Your name]. Tap on ‘iCloud’ option.
  2. Now, click on ‘Manage Storage’.


1.4 Disable Automatic Backup Setting

To disable Automatic Backup, you need to turn off iCloud backup from the iCloud Settings. To do this, follow the guide below.

  • On your iPhone, launch ‘Settings’ app.
  • Tap on ‘[your name]’ > ‘iCloud’.
  • Now hit ‘Backup’ followed by sliding off ‘iCloud Backup’.


1.5 Force Restart Your iPhone

Forcing a restart on your respective model, may help in coming out of temporary glitches which can’t download iCloud photos properly!

For iPhone 6 or below:

  • Press ‘Sleep/Wake’ and ‘Home’ button until the Apple logo does not glow over your screen.


For iPhone 7/7 plus:

  • Briefly hold ‘Sleep/Wake’ and ‘Volume Down’ button. Lift your fingers once Apple logo appears.


For iPhone 8/8 Plus/iPhone X:

  • Tap on ‘Volume Up’ button and quickly lift your fingers, repeat the same with ‘Volume Down’. Now, press ‘Sleep/Wake’ button until Apple logo comes up.

Part 2. How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Downloading to PC?

Can’t download iCloud photos on your PC? No problem, the following ways will help you out.

2.1 Update iCloud for Windows

There might be a chance that your iCloud is not updated. In order to do so-

1.From your Windows PC, open ‘Apple Software Update’ to view all the available updates.


2.Select ‘iCloud for Windows’ and tap on ‘Install’ option.


2.2 Set up iCloud Photos

Now set up the iCloud photos to resolve the issue of not downloading iCloud photos.

1.Open your computer, load ‘iCloud’ Go to ‘Open iCloud Settings’.


2.Tap on ‘Options’ appearing next to ‘Photos’ and enable ‘iCloud Photo Library’.


3.Then, activate ‘Upload to My Photo Stream’ and ‘Download New Photos and Videos to My PC’.


2.3 Restart iCloud in the Taskbar

If iCloud is not working properly, you can force a restart on your device. This may prove to be a quick for enabling download for iCloud photos. Just, close iCloud by restarting it from the taskbar.

Part 3. How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Downloading to Mac?

For the Mac users out there, fix iCloud photos not downloading by making use of the following ways.

3.1 Turn on iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream

  • Load ‘Photos’ from launch-pad and select ‘Photos’ featuring the menu tab.
  • Click on ‘Preferences’ followed by ‘iCloud’. Now, opt for ‘Photos’ and tap on ‘Options’.
  • Allow ‘iCloud Photo Library’ and switch on ‘My Photo Stream’.


3.2 Check your Apple ID

Cross-check whether you are using your existing iCloud credentials, that you may have setup your Mac and iPhone with.  In case, your iPhone and Mac are running with different iCloud accounts, it will lead you with the problem of not able to download iCloud photos.


All in all, we’ve provided 11 awesome ways of bringing iCloud back on track and fetch the photos, you were unable to download. Whether it’s your PC, Mac or iPhone, we’ve provided for the quick-fixes for all! Let us know which method you found most useful.

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