These days, upgrading to the latest iOS version is buzzing ever since it is unleashed. For iOS 12 has unveiled phenomenal features that are groundbreaking for many of their wise users out there. However, no one can escape from the stuck issue one may face, unexpectedly. The worst kind of issue people are nowadays facing is downloading and install button getting grayed out. This directly impacts on the process of installation and halts it altogether. Some people have tried their lucks in installing iOS 12 via air and failed to see any progress of downloading. And if you are already getting goose bumps by the very thought, some tips can carve your way out.

Prevention is better than sorry, so before downloading and installing iOS 12 which may result in grayed out screen, these tips may save you from the blues! So, keep a check on the same to avoid facing ‘download and install’ button grayed out.

Part 1. Ensure that the battery level is more than 50%

The update process is quite time and space consuming. Besides, updating, the chances of several issues also begins. Also, if your iPhone is not charged more than 50%, then the downloading and installing process will not proceed any further. And this may get the Download and install’ button to gray out. So, one must make a mental note for the same and ensure that the battery levels are maintained accordingly.


Part 2. Strong Connection of Internet

Upgrading to a step higher is not a cake walk it needs to be maintained with the optimal care. Most importantly, an active internet connection is very imperative. As, if the internet is not stabled, the chances of your iPhone get a grayed out button. Moreover, the chances of your iPhone getting disabled also increases.


Part 3. Examine the Storage of iPhone

The latest update is quite spacious in nature.  Thus, one may make a good amount of space to allow the iPhone embrace the latest iOS 12 update. Which is why, maintaining a certain level of storage is the call for the situation. This may save you from getting your download and install button to gray out and shield you from any forthcoming halts or stuck issues.


Part 4. Make use of iTunes for installing iOS 12 firmware

If you are facing issues in installing the iOS 12 firmware, then you can consider using iTunes for installing the iOS 12 firmware. For that, ensure that your device is running on an active and fast network connection while using iTunes service. Then, proceed forward with the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, tune into a pre-synced iTunes computer and then establish a connection of your device with the PC respectively.
  • Now, tap on the device icon visibly appearing on the iTunes screen followed by pressing the ‘Summary’ tab.
  • After that, select the ‘Update’ or ‘Check for Update’ section quickly. Only then proceed with ‘Download and Update’ option. Past some moments, your device will be updated to the latest iOS 12 now.


Part 5. Use iTunes and iCloud to backup

The iTunes and iCloud services can save you from the situation of download and install button graying out. For that, we’ve given the detailed account on how to back using iCloud and iTunes respectively.

  • Get your iOS device and launch ‘Settings’ right away. Once you get in there, tap on your name appearing at the top along with the existing IDs running under your name.
  • Now, that you are on your ID page, select the ‘iCloud’ and then switch on the ‘Backup’.
  • Toggle on ‘iCloud Backup’.
  • After that, you can choose the ‘Backup now’ option and tada! The backup is all set!



Before downloading and installing the iOS 12 and landing to gray out button, you can consider using iTunes for maintaining full-fledged backup of your device.

  • As stated in the aforementioned steps, make use of the device, pre-synced with iTunes in the recent past.
  • Now, you can head on to connect your iPhone and the system using a lightning cable.
  • Past some time, iTunes will load and detect your iPhone. Simply, tap on the iPhone icon visible in the iTunes program.
  • Then, select Summary followed by pressing ‘Backup iPhone’ and there you go! This way you can backup iPhone with iTunes.


All in All

We hope these handy tips will save you from any forthcoming problem of getting grayed out in any case. All these methods are simple and require almost no manual work at all! Moreover, by employing any of these method can lessen the chance of getting no download or install’ button in a grayed out manner. So, let us know which one would you prefer using in the comment section right below?

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