Are you in trauma for not being able to activate your iPhone after iOS 12 update? Well, it is considerably terrific but surely not impossible to activate your iPhone at all! So, break away your worries as we’ve clubbed up some of the methods to reactivate your iPhone! In this article, we’ve given 7 effective ways to help you out!

Way 1: Wait for a While & Try Again

If you have time and again tried to activate your iPhone but it avails to no use, then it’s better to wait for a while and then head on again. It can be that several attempts might have failed to tap your iPhone, leaving stuck the way it was. So, without panicking, sit back patiently and try activating your iPhone afterwards. However, if your iPhone is still not activate then proceed forward with upcoming ways.

Way 2: Force Restart Your iPhone

If your iPhone altogether fails activation after iOS 12 update, then you must immediately force a restart on your iPhone to solve this issue altogether. The method would not be same for all the models, so we’ve provided the way of activating your iPhone, depending upon the method suitable for your iPhone.

iPhone 6 and below versions:

Using iPhone 6 and below versions? Then simply press ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons together for some time to force restart your iPhone. Continue to do it, until the apple logo is not glowed on your screen.

iPhone 7/7 Plus models:

In order to restart iPhone 7/7 Plus models, you have to hold down the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons until the Apple logo does not surface on your screen.  If it does, then it means your device will be restarted.   

iPhone 8/ 8 Plus or X :

As these models are slightly advanced, the method of restarting these models is variably different. You would need to press ‘Volume Down’ button and release it. Then, precede hold down the ‘Power’ button till the sign of Apple logo does not appear over your iPhone.


Way 3: Restart Router or Change to Another Wi-Fi

Sometimes, low connectivity may pose problem in not activating iPhone after iOS 12 update. So, you can restart the router or connect to another stable Wi-Fi for having a better connectivity to fix the issue. This may resolve iPhone giving activation errors in iOS 12 update. As, the files needed for restarting your iPhone may not be able to run in poor network connection.


Way 4: Check Apple System Status

Still witnessing iPhone activation error even after iOS 12 update? Then, there are other problems that can be the root cause of your iPhone could not be activated can be something which is going terribly wrong somewhere. So, you must ensure to check the Apple system status. For having the detailed insight, you can access to the official Apple’s support page. It will show the real-time status information for what it has stored, services and iCloud systems monitored individually. Also, you can understand the nature of the common issues enlisted in the detailed timeline.


Way 5: Contact Your Carrier

If the aforementioned steps falls futile and the iPhone activation errors after iOS 12 update persists, then seek help from your carrier(if iPhone is purchased from the carrier). You can pay visit to network carrier and request them to unlock your device and SIM card. Activating iPhone may be problematic, if SIM and iPhones are not unlocked respectively.

Way 6: Reactivate Your iPhone via iTunes

You must not lose hope if you could not activate iPhone after iOS 12 update.  Thus, one can reactivate iPhone using iTunes. This may sure-shortly revive your iPhone. Just follow the steps laid down below.

  1. Ensure to have the latest iTunes to the latest version. After that, run it on your PC.  Meanwhile, establish a connection between your PC and phone using a good lightning cable.
  2. Now, from iTunes, click on your device name showing in the left panel followed by clicking on ‘Activate your iPhone’.
  3. You would be prompted to screen, where you have to enter the credentials of your Apple account and then hit the ‘Continue’ button.


Way 7: Reactivate Your iPhone via iCloud

Facing problems in reactivating your iPhone via iTunes? You can comfortably switch to the other medium, i.e., reactivating your iPhone via iCloud! This will result in reactivating your iPhone altogether and no longer will your iPhone find problem in getting activated. Here are detailed ladder of steps to undo iPhone activation errors after iOS 12 update.

  1. Visit and login to your iCloud account.
  2. Locate the’Find iPhone’ option appearing on the screen.
  3. Opt for ‘All Devices’ option and choose your device followed by clicking the “i” icon.


4.Now, click on ‘Remove from Account’ option at the bottom and then try out activating iPhone once again. And if it opens up, your iPhone will be activated.



All in all, we’ve shared the vital methods that can prove to be helpful in activating your iPhone underwent iOs 12 update. If one or two methods fail to assist you, the other will! So, patiently perform the steps. And kindly enlighten us which way helped you thoroughly by writing at the comments section.

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