From groundbreaking camera quality, impeccable designing and access to millions of apps, iPhone is truly a pleasure to behold! Chiefly, iPhone’s App store runs with hundreds of applications, you would want to explore all of them. Nevertheless, choosing from a wide range of application can be a great task. But, the latest iOS features the most useful and powerful apps and structures them in a good order. And if you work in iOS downloaded 12 version then you can reap a great deal of apps.So without making you wait any longer, tune on how to use Apple App store in iOS 11 and 12 now!


Note: Earlier, App store running in iOS 11 iOS was accessible from iTunes on the Mac. But, now it doesn’t exist any longer. So, stick to the pre-launched version of App store in your iOS devices.

Part 1. The Today Screen

Whenever you open App store app, the ‘Today’ tab glows on the main screen.  This tab highlights applications featured by Apple or theme-based suggestions (for instance apps with Christmas decorations in the month of December). Moreover, it features ‘Game of the Day’, ‘App of the Day’ on Today’s space. There is also a ‘Try Something New’ section that clubs up the trend-setting books, music suggestions and trending apps/music exclusively in this section.


Part 2. Fun and utility: Game & Apps tab

It is very easy from the App store to locate for the apps, you’re presently looking forward to via searching or browsing.

How to Search for Apps in App Store iOS 12:

  1. Click on the ‘Search’ tab.
  2. Enter the correct name of the app, you’re in search for (such as lifestyle, game, steps tracking, expense management etc).
  3. The equivalent result will appear. Tap the one you were looking for is matched.
  4. Or else, you can complete typing and then proceed with ‘Search’ from your keypad.

How to browse new Apps:

If you are curious to unravel new applications, you can browse for new apps, for that you can perform the steps below:

  1. Click on ‘Games’ or ‘Apps’ tab from the Apple Store.
  2. You will witness both the tabs having alternative sections of single, highlighted apps and lists of related apps.
  3. Keep on scrolling to browse the apps. You can swipe left and right to witness sets of related apps in the app store in iOS 11 and above.
  4. And if you want to view all the available categories, tap on ‘See All’.


Part 3. App View screen

Whenever you tap on an Application from App store running in iOS 12, features of the applications is displayed on the screen.  This section details about the in-depth information of the application featured in the App store, along with the ‘Star Rating’ and ‘Rank’ of it. It also displays the right ‘Age’ for which the application is made for. For gaining a clearer view of the Application, you can make use of the ‘Screenshots/Videos shown right below the Application’s name. The ‘Description records the detailed information of ‘Supports’ section and ‘Information’ panel inclusive of the download size and other things. And, if you are satiated with the Application‘, you can hit the Get/Buy’ tab for fetching the right amount of Application and its iOS 12 features.


Part 4. Buying and Downloading Apps

In this section, we are going to understand how to purchase the application from iPhone running in iOS 12 and download it.

  1. From the App detail page, click on ‘Get’ or ‘Price Button’.
  2. This will direct you to enter the Apple ID and password for authenticating download/purchase process.
  3. Now, a menu will come up showcasing information about the application along with the ‘Cancel’ button.
  4. Tap twice on ‘Side’ button to successfully complete the transaction and installation of the application from Apple App store.

Part 5. What’s the Update Tab?

Update page is one of the imperative spaces where you might go and update the existing application of your device. The Update Tab available on the Apple app store in your iOS 12 system –

  1. Open ‘App Store’ application and tap on ‘Updates’ tab.
  2. From there, analyze the number of available updates (if it doesn’t appear, then refresh by swiping down the screen).
  3. To understand more about the update, tap on ‘More’ or simply update the app via ‘Update’.


Part 6. Re-download application

If you have cleared any application in past and want to re-download it in your latest iOS 12 updated iPhone, then you can do it for free.  Here is how.

  1. Visit the ‘App store’ application from your iPhone.
  2. Click on ‘Updates’ section.
  3. Now, double tap your account icon appearing at the upper right corner (or picture, if you’ve applied on your Apple ID).
  4. Now go to ‘Purchased’. This will enlist the applications you own and tap on the download button.


Bottom Line

In this article, we’ve given a detailed account of Apple’s app store running in iOS 11 and above versions. If you found any query, kindly enlighten us in the below section.

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