Google Pixel Problems? Here’s How to Fix Them

Our dependency on smartphones is hard to put off the track. While, so many users count on the Google flagships- Google Pixel, XL for they are the best options one could ask for. At the same time, some users have possessed the technology to get along with. But Google Pixel has put people down.  Several complaints lodging the inconvenience like Google Pixel microphone problems, and charging issues have been mingling recently in their devices. If you too are a recipient of such an awful situation, we are here for your rescue. As we’ve dug deeper into the solutions to the common Google Pixel problems.

Google Pixel finding fault in Bluetooth connectivity

After Google Pixel was launched in the space, users have found it hard to deal with Bluetooth. This one thing in Google Pixel is a problem for users to connect their phones with neighbor Bluetooth devices, like car devices, Bluetooth speakers, or wireless earphones. These issues have managed to be constant in nature even after the device has been upgraded to Android 9 Pie. To ensure the Bluetooth connects perfectly, here are some methods you must do!


  1. Start with resetting Pixel’s Bluetooth connection. Simply, browse “Settings”, and opt for
    Connected devices” followed by “Connection Preferences” wherein you’ve to ensure to toggle “Bluetooth” off. Try your hand at establishing a connection via Bluetooth.
  2. Prior to now, if you’ve ever connected your device in the past, it might be present in your device. Just, go to “Settings”, look for “Connected devices” and then head on to “Previously connected devices” to search the connected/paired device. Side to the device, click on “Settings” which will showcase options, from where you’ve to opt for “Forget” to remove the device. Also, remove your Pixel and re-attempt to draw the connection with your phone.
  3. Reboot Pixel by long holding the “Power” button which will showcase the options. You need to hit the “Restart” option.
  4. Next up, reset device the Bluetooth connections and settings, browse for ‘Settings’, go to ‘System’, and select ‘Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth’. It will restore all your Bluetooth settings to their factory state and ward off all other connections made in the device.
  5. See if there are any system updates. Google ensures to give monthly security updates and annual upgrades in operating systems. To check if your device has any, just visit ‘Settings’, select ‘System’, hit  ‘Advanced’ and proceed to “System Update’. Then, click on ‘Check for update’ so that you can install the updates.
  6. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, a hard-to-do step is to perform a factory reset of your Pixel. This will brush away all the contents, apps, files, and settings in the device. Make sure you back up the device. Simply, start with ‘Settings’, click on ‘System’, go to ‘Advanced’ followed by ‘Reset options’, and hit the ‘Erase all data’ (factory reset) option.

Another Google Pixel Problem: Camera issues

In the age where selfie, groupie, and snaps, the working condition of the Camera is very important. While, users rely upon their smartphones for capturing their special, cozy, and heartfelt moments, inconveniences incurring in between are one of the Google pixel problems. We know it’s awful but you can feel grateful if you execute some of the hacks. These can promise to get your camera run on the edge. Simply, perform the mentioned steps right below:

camera issue google pixel

  1. The built-in camera app might be disruptive in nature and get some crashes even after application updates. Just, restart the app, browse for ‘Settings’, and click on ‘Apps& notifications’ to view all the applications. Locate-press the ‘Camera’ app and quickly ‘Force stop’ it. Also, from the very screen, click on ‘Storage’ and choose ‘Clear cache’ in the ‘Clear Storage’. All the settings will be set to work in the factory state.
  2. Reboot the phone by long holding the ‘power’ button and selecting ‘Restart/Reboot’ device from the enlisted options.
  3. Look for app updates in the Play Store. Just, launch Play Store from the apps list, slide left to select from ‘My apps & games’ from the navigation menu.  The ‘Updates’ tab will open where all the available app updates will be visible.
  4. If you have difficulty in saving pictures or corrupting in saving, little do you realize you are running out of storage space. To ascertain the same, go to ‘Settings’, and click on ‘Storage’. Make sure to enable ‘Smart storage’ to allow the system to clean the space. If the device is full to the brim, click on ‘Free up Space’ to browse the deleted files.
  5. Problem with image quality? Blame it on the camera hardware. Just check whether the camera lenses are free from dirt, moisture, debris, or any kind of grease. There is also a feature of ‘lens warning’ that will notify you when to clean your device. Simply, launch the ‘Camera’ app, and swipe to the bottom menu of ‘More’. After that, head on to ‘Settings’, select ‘Advanced’ and enable the ‘Show dirty lens warning’.
  6. Even if these methods fall futile, troubleshooting camera and image quality as some hardware might be the reason for the trouble. You can also look out to Google Support for checking further options.

Ugh, Wi-Fi problem in Google Pixel

Okay! The world certainly might come to an end if your Wi-Fi just abruptly stops all of a sudden. The inability to connect to Wi-Fi can completely halt you from communicating or doing any chores. With Google Pixel, this problem might sound hard to recover. But, in reality, you can mend such stuff in a blink of an eye. For that, just follow the given methods in the said order and regain connection to your Pixel.

wifi issue google pixel

  1. Restart the Wi-Fi connection by using ‘Settings’, going to Network & Internet, and sliding the Wi-Fi off and on.
  2. Make sure to remove any kind of network via ‘Settings’, getting on to ‘Network & Internet’ and selecting WiFi followed by ‘Saved Networks’. After that, hold on to the chosen network to click on ‘Forget’. After that, try to connect to a network.
  3. There is a way where you can reset all the network connections and their settings. Just go to ‘Settings’ see  ‘System and pick up ‘Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth’ under the ‘Reset’ option.
  4. You can head on to restart your pixel phone by long holding the ‘Power’ button and getting on the ‘Restart’ option.
  5. Do check if the same problem is persistent in other devices or not. If it is, then restart your router respectively.

Microphone Problem in Google Pixel

After the Google Pixel was on board, several complaints regarding the microphones were lodged. Unsurprisingly, the Google Pixel microphone problems lingered for quite a long time, only to fret users all the more. Google even reported that it was out due to “a hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec”. However, to resolve the Google Pixel microphone problems, the least you can do is troubleshoot it.

microphone problems google pixel

  1. See if there is something blocking access to the microphone of your handset as the port may have direct contact with an outside area. This area is purely prone to dust and debris accumulated in it and becomes a barricade to the working of the microphone. Clean it and remove the cases.
  2. Now, check out other applications that might require a microphone. If you see the problem is with only a single app, then uninstall that defective app. Try to reinstall the same from the Play Store.
  3. Reboot your Google Pixel phone.  Just, long press the ‘power’ button and get on to ‘restart’ the device.
  4.  Duly test whether your microphone can record any sound or not. For that, use an audio recording app. This includes quiet and loud noises to check the full range of your microphone.
  5. If the microphone is still misbehaving, there is a need for urgency, as your Pixel might be soaring from the known hairline crack in the solder connection. Also, Google has openly committed to replacing affected devices. Just, contact Google authorities to investigate further into this matter.

Overheating of your Pixel

The temperature in your country may intermittently become too hot. But, if your pixel is getting hot like a pan. It is more worry than good. Undeniably, you’ve heard of batteries setting on fire or exploding. No, that doesn’t mean the battery is at fault, the upheaving point is the overheating of the device. Here are some hacks for providing solutions to Google Pixel’s problems.

google pixel overheating

  1. If the pixel overheats amidst charging, the charger itself can be on the fault side. Simply, swap the current charger with a new one. Preferably, a pixel charger supplied by Google. Try establishing a connection to the charger to a different outlet.
  2. The overheating of the phone might be stemming from a warm pocket or temperature. Blow air to your phone, try hand in ventilating or removing any cases, or store at room temperature.
  3. Excessive usage of phones can be the cause. Blame it on the power- striking intensive tasks like video streaming, gaming, etc. In such cases, switch off the Pixel and allow it to cool down a bit.
  4.  Your pixel can overheat even if there are not many of the running apps working in the background. Browse for ‘Settings’, click on ‘Battery’, and tap on the three dots located at the upper right section of your screen. After that, click on ‘Battery usage’. You’ll fetch the details of the application, and the percentage it is using. Uninstall it right away.
  5. Some of the Pixel and Pixel XL users have noted their Pixel charger no longer sufficing the charger even after updating to Android 9 pie. Google assured us the problem was caused by some non-power delivery charges in the released path in October 2018. You can contact Google authorities.

Low Pixel Battery Life and too much battery drain

Google charging issues can be the least you can expect and yet they can hammer your battery. Whether it is due to some external issues or misbehavior of such apps, resolving it can be possible. Simply, follow the below steps.

battery drain


  1. Shut off applications. View the background apps, and click on the ‘Square’ at the bottom screen. Swipe up to shut the app, then click on ‘Clear all’ to remove the running apps.
  2. Reboot the app by long pressing the ‘Power’ button and getting on to the ‘Restart’ menu.
  3. View the battery usage of the application. Simply, browse to ‘Settings’, go to ‘Battery’, and click on three dots.  After that, see the ‘Battery usage’. In case, you witness some nuisances from the app side, just uninstall them right away. Then, your battery problem won’t be persistent in nature.
  4. Ever since the new release was unveiled, users have noted some of the ‘Android features have been misbehaving in nature. Features like ‘Adaptive Brightness’ have been seen to malfunction and use an excess amount of battery. To switch this feature off, go to ‘Settings’, visit ‘Display’, and toggle off the Adaptive Brightness right now.
  5. Still, facing the problem? The hard way is to perform a hard reset on your Pixel. This will flush out all files, apps, and settings. So, do have a backup beforehand. Now, go to ‘Settings’, opt for ‘System’, and go for ‘The advanced’ option to get into ‘Reset options’. From there, press on ‘Erase all data’ (factory reset).
  6. Or get in touch with the Google Support.


Phew! So here are some extensive details of hacks that you could reap benefits from. Whether it is the irksome Google Pixel charging issue, microphone problem, or any other problem, this array of steps can prove to be in your rescue! For any queries, do not forget to ping us via comments!



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